Have you wondered who you are supposed to tip while traveling? Then once you have figured that out, how much are you supposed to tip.  If you are traveling within the United States, follow these guidelines:

• Housekeeping: $2-5 per day depending on the room (more for suites or rooms with a kitchen/ettes) left each day of the stay (in case different employees are working). Leave an envelope or note to make it clear the cash is in fact a tip. $1-2 for evening turndown service, left on the edge of the bed, preferably with a note. For you Disney fans, there is a whole subculture of people that decorate envelopes for “mousekeeping,“this is not required, but might be something that interests you.

• Bell staff, or airport porter: $2 for the first bag, $1 for each additional bag, $1 more if the bags are being delivered from storage. For the airport porter, we personally usually do a $5 minimum. (We really want those bags to get where they are intended!)

• Concierge: Are generally not tipped unless they have provided exemplary service (you wouldn’t tip for giving directions, suggestions, or basic hotel reservations; you would tip for reservations at difficult-to-book restaurants, theatres, events, or other extraordinary requests.) For more information about tipping the concierge, check out this article.

• Front Desk Clerks: Are generally not tipped in the tradition of not tipping proprietors or management; also because of their role as cashiers. However, they’ll be able to route tips meant for other employees you’ve missed (such as housekeeping or bell services when you’re not there to offer a tip in person), but always put these tips in an envelope with the intended recipient on the front for clarity.

• Door Staff: $1-2 for assistance with a lot of luggage or going to particular lengths to hail a cab (i.e. not using an electronic cab call.)

• Valet Staff: $1-2 for retrieving a vehicle, more if you are in a large city and they are leaving the vehicle up front for you.

I hope this helps clarify the tipping situation for you.

Happy travels!

Author: Christy P

Christy is a Mom, Wife, Travel Planner, Attorney, Podcast Enthusiast & Co-Host (DCL Podcast) and a sometimes blogger. She writes about family travel, gluten free travel, and life as a travel addict. Her motto is "work hard to play harder!" Whatever you do, don't forget to Pack Your Pixie Dust.

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