Castaway Cay, Disney’s Private Island. Or as I like to call it, the happiest island on earth!

Getting ready to head out on a Disney Cruise Line cruise?? Let’s discuss everything that is “included” on a Disney Cruise Line vacation.


Room service has no charge on Disney Cruise Line. You can get an amazing cheese plate delivered to your door
Cheese plate from Room Service

Sit down restaurants, casual dining, poolside snacks/quick service and 24-hour room service. On cruises 7 nights or longer, there is even a character breakfast for no additional charge, however you do have to reserve tickets to attend. [This is likely suspended during covid times.]  (There are adult only restaurants that come with an additional charge.)

  • As much food as you care to enjoy.  There’s no limit and no additional charge.  You can get two orders of fried brie, two desserts! Whatever you want!
  • soft serve ice cream
  • Snacks from the Cove Cafe
  • Coffee bar – has desserts
  • Soda is included as well (while dining in the restaurants and at the pool deck).  Most traditional lines charge you for a Coke, with Disney, it’s included while dining in the restaurants or on the pool deck.
  • Mickey Bars!!!! You can order these at no additional charge from theroom service menu, or order them in the dining rooms at lunch and dinner.

Kids Clubs.

The kids clubs are some of the best at sea!

Disney Cruise Line offers the longest kids club hours at sea. There’s no additional charge for childcare the entire time the clubs are open.  You can even leave your children in the club while attending a shore excursion off the ship during port days. If your children are in the clubs during meal times, DCL will feed your children.  They even ask if your child has any food allergies. (During covid times, the kid’s clubs are operating a little differently. You now make registration times for your kids before you board. One time slot per day is allowed. Then, once onboard you can register for more times. They also aren’t feeding the children right now.)


Each night of your cruise there will be entertainment included in the cruise fare.  On many nights of your cruise Disney offers Broadway style shows that entertain the entire family.

Fireworks at Sea are not to be missed!
  • Fireworks on select itineraries. DCL is currently the only cruise line offering fireworks during Caribbean and Bahamian Cruises.
  • Movies, including “premEARS” at Sea are included. If a Disney movie is released to the the theatres during your cruise, you can watch it for no additional charge.
  • Activities almost all day long. Including drawing classes, trivia, cooking demonstrations, towel folding classes, and crafts, among others.
  • The Fantasy & Dream have miniature golf.
  • Table tennis, shuffleboard and basketball.

If sailing to Disney’s private island, beach chairs and umbrellas are included, as well as the waterslides.  Other cruise lines charge for this. You also get a buffet BBQ lunch, as well as soda & soft serve ice cream cones on the island. Finally the Castaway Cay 5k has no charge either. Super cute medals are given to each participant. (Check your ship in 2021 to see if they are offering the 5k medals. There have been some supply issues with them this year.)


Use of the gym facilities are included.  Some fitness classes also are available for no additional charge.  Finally you can use the sauna, locker room/showers for no added expense.  They even offer sandals and bathrobes to use, as well as provide disposable razers in the locker room.

A small internet package is included if you sign up on the first day. Disney offers 50mb per adult in a stateroom but only if you sign up on the first day.  Check out Scott Sander’s blog post about maximizing your internet usage on DCL.

Disney has the least amount of extra charges than any other line.  While you can purchase a light up cup, or pay for ice cream in the candy shop,  you can certainly go your entire cruise without doing any of that. What are your favorite inclusions of a Disney Cruise Line cruise?

PS, did you know that you can use a travel planner (travel agent) to help book your cruise for no additional charge? Disney Cruise Line pays travel agents to assist you with planning your Disney Cruise.  You get our expertise, for no additional charge. If you aren’t already working with a travel planner, reach out to me to help you plan your next cruise.

One thing that is not included in a Disney Cruise Line cruise is a night light in the bathroom.  WHY DON’T THEY HAVE A NIGHTLIGHT IN THERE?!  We recently purchased this light (ad) to place in the bathroom so it’s easier to make those late night bathroom visits.
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