The tables at Hollywood & Vine at Disney's Hollywood Studios are very socially distanced.
Should we go to Walt Disney World??

Should you travel to Walt Disney World over a major school break in 2021?? The answer is- maybe this is the year to travel to WDW over a school break.

Everyone over the age of 2 is required to wear masks at Walt Disney World
Slinky Dog Dash is another family favorite

If you can get beyond traveling during the pandemic, this would be the time to go. With capacity controls at WDW, there will just not be as many people as are typically there. President’s Day week and Spring Break at Walt Disney World could actually be manageable. We are in a period of time where Disney is cutting capacity by over 65%. This means space for you and I to walk freely without feeling like we are being herded like cattle. If you have ever been during a popular holiday you know it can feel that way.  

Remember to make those park reservations

The one thing to consider is getting your park reservations as soon as you decide to go.  Spring Break weeks are already starting to reach capacity (meaning no more reservations can be made, at least at this time.) We don’t know when capacity will be increased at WDW but we do think the reservation system is sadly here to stay… 

Disney’s Hollywood Studios books up the quickest. I’d consider skipping making a reservation for Epcot until you are into your trip as I don’t think I’ve ever seen it reach capacity, except for maybe once before they increased park capacity. The thought process behind making two reservations for Hollywood Studios is to give yourself as many opportunities as possible to make reservations to ride “Rise of the Resistance.”  Rise is potentially the best ride experience on Disney property.  Without giving away any spoilers, it is multifaceted, it’s got a bit of a thrill (but not soo bad that it should be avoided,) and it has a story telling element. You can see something new almost every time you ride it. I’m not even a Star Wars fan and I think this ride is amazing!  

The best ride experience at Walt Disney World right now is Rise of the Resistance.
Rise of the Resistance

On your Disney Hollywood Studios day, be prepared to log on to MDE (My Disney Experience App) at exactly 7 a.m. Some of your party should be on Disney’s WIFI and some should be on your own cell provider.  On the main part of the app, you will see Star Wars: Rise of Resistance and then Join. You just keep clicking through instantly as soon as something is on your screen.  These groups became unavailable very quickly (like in seconds) so try your best.  If you aren’t successful you can try from inside the park at 1 p.m. You can also skip going to DHS during the first scheduled day and instead go there the second day you made a reservation. Change your reservation to Epcot for the first day.  

Remember to make your dining reservations
Dining at WDW during the pandemic
Hollywood & Vine from New Year’s Eve. The tables were so spread out!

Now that you made your park reservations, make sure you look into dining reservations as soon as possible, or 60 days before your trip if you book in advance. Due to the lower capacity within the restaurants, reservations are harder to come by.  BUT if you set up an alert (see the following link) you can secure almost any reservation. We discuss different tips for getting those hard to obtain dining reservations in our post, Making Dining Reservations at WDW.

I discussed my family’s personal experience going over Christmas week on the Disney Deciphered Podcast. So? I think the answer of the question of should you travel over a school break in 2021 is a yes! I really think if you can accept traveling during this pandemic your school break vacation at WDW is probably going to be your best yet! 


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