Disney Cruise Line Castaway CayAre you interested in cruising? Or not sure?

Some cruise facts:

More than 12 million people take a cruise every year. 

More than half the worlds cruises depart from Florida. 

1/3rd of all cruise passengers are under 40. 

60% of cruise passengers on any cruise have been on a cruise before.

Would you like all of your meals to be included in the price, or are you interested in paying some additional fees for more unique dining? Do you want there to be a wild night scene, or a more quiet experience? Do you want to be in a different port every night, or do you prefer days at sea on the ship? In port- would you rather go shopping, or spend your time in the water, i.e., swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling, scuba diving,etc. Do you have kids, is a kid’s club important to you?

With the above questions answered, a travel agent can pick the best cruise for your needs.

Cruising is an amazing way to travel. It allows you to see different locations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Alaska, etc., all without having to pack and unpack multiple times.  Not only do you have the convenience of seeing several different locations within one trip, it is also typically a less expensive vacation that other land based trips; it’s close to being an ‘all-inclusive’ vacation. Most cruises include the following: accommodations, meals, including all day dining options & room service (most cruise lines now offer specialty dining at an additional charge), coffee/tea and daily & nightly entertainment. Additional charges exist for most cruises for gratuities, alcohol, soda pop, specialty coffee, gambling & bingo, and shore excursions. Here is how the cost of a cruise vacation compares to a traditional hotel/resort experience:

Hawaiian Resort

Caribbean Resort

Caribbean Cruise

Grand Total (Per person, per day)




Accommodations (Including tax)

$1,150 pp

$945 pp

$1,850 per person

Air and Transfers (Nationally averaged)

$850 pp

$665 pp


Food and Beverage  (Three meals daily, snacks, room service taxes, and gratuities)

$1,050 pp

$1,000 pp


Entertainment (Name entertainment and/or lavish variety productions)

$100 per person, per production

$100 per person, per production

Included (Broadway-style productions, name entertainment, variety acts, and much more)

Research conducted by Royal Caribbean International based upon 200 participants for a seven night stay in March. Prices listed in U.S. currency.

If you want help deciding if cruising is right for you, feel free to contact us and let us help you decide and pick the right vacation for you! Happy Travels!

Author: Christy P

Christy is a Mom, Wife, Travel Planner, Attorney, Podcast Enthusiast & Co-Host (DCL Podcast) and a sometimes blogger. She writes about family travel, gluten free travel, and life as a travel addict. Her motto is "work hard to play harder!" Whatever you do, don't forget to Pack Your Pixie Dust.

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