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The kid’s clubs on Disney Cruise Line are arguably the best at sea. Disney has put more space into their clubs than any other cruise line. The clubs are running a little differently than in the past post re-start, which is why I thought it would be important to write on the current state of the kid’s clubs on Disney Cruise Line.

Kids aged 3-12 attend the Oceaneer Club/Lab. Which are combined right now during the re-start. The tweens have the Edge, and the Vibe is for teens. Each is unique in its own way.


There are some differences now to how the kid’s clubs are running. Kids don’t run free. For the 3-12 year old group you have to register your child(ren) in advance. At your 30 day pre-cruise registration, you’ll make an appointment for your child to attend 1 slot per day. Then once on board, if there is available space, you can add additional times. On our last cruise, and the most crowded since the re-start, there was one afternoon with no availability. But we’ve otherwise had great luck getting our son into the clubs. As I stated earlier, your kids won’t run free in the club, they will have to stay in a group. The counselors will guide your child(ren) in different activities. But there are times where there is more than one activity offered.


The clubs are structured now. So during the hour and a half, or two and a half hours depending on the day, your child will move through stations. They’ll do a craft, play a video game, have story time (often with characters), etc. in little stations to fill their time. My son has been loving it. There is also a kid’s club on Castaway Cay.  Castaway has shorter hours overall than on the ship, but no registration is required, nor is there a limit on how long your child can stay.  As of today, your child can stay in the club as long as it is open.

When your child’s kid’s club session is over, the pick up time is firm. You need to show up at the end of their session. It is also important to note that if you have booked your child in back to back sessions you will need to check them out at the end of the first session and then take them back down to the check-in desk to check them in for their second session.  This is the current policy of the ships we were on and was due to the cleaning procedures that happen between groups.

The drop off time is very flexible. If you’re trying to get a time slot and yours has already begun, or the time will begin while you’re doing something else, you can still pick that time. The counselors will just take your child to their group within the club when they arrive.  (For the most part, if your child’s kid’s club time begins at 1:30, they will be grouped off with other kids that began at 1:30.)

Registering your Child onboard

Once onboard, you can register to make additional kid’s club times. To make an additional appointment time, you click on the current time slot your child has.

Then you just select Book Activity to add more time (see above). It looks like you’re doing something to your other time, but you’re not. (Just don’t hit cancel.) You then select who is attending the session.  Next, you’ll see a scrolling bar of the additional times available & you select what you want. Finally you “confirm” your selection.  See the pictures below describing the process.







Once you’ve dropped them off to have a blast in the kid’s club you are then free to enjoy some kid-free time of your own on the ship or on Castaway Cay.

My son has absolutely loooved his time there. Do you have any questions that I didn’t answer about the kid’s clubs aboard Disney Cruise Line?


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