What to pack in your excursion/park bag

The anticipation of leaving the hotel room/cruise ship for a day at the parks or an excursion is so exciting. It’s important to make sure you bring with you the must have items in your bag that will make your day a little easier. (This post was last updated in January 2023.)

Day Bag Items:

The following list is what we take now to the parks or on a shore excursion. We had a LOT more things when my son was younger. As of the time of the writing of this article, he’s 9 years old. My park/excursion day bag items include:

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  • Babyganics Hand SanitizerHand sanitizer. We love Babyganics, it’s non-drying, foaming and smell free. Plus you can buy refills when yours runs out.
  • Band-aids for blisters. We will place them on rub spots if we feel like a blister is brewing.
  • Umbrella. We prefer this over a poncho, but a poncho for your family is fine.  We only pack them for the day if rain is possible.
  • Sunblock. Our current go to Sun Bum. They make a tiny travel size that’s perfect for a bag as well.
  • Portable rechargeable fan Version TechRechargeable Portable Fan. Again we only pack this if the weather requires.
  • An emergency granola bar. One day at the Magic Kingdom we were delayed on the train. It took FOREVER. We finally got off and my blood sugar totally dropped. I needed food and the popcorn line at the front of the park was insane! (They had just released some specialty bucket.) I was in a bit of a panic not knowing where I could get gluten free safe food from quickly. Fortunately, Starbucks had their gluten free sandwiches then and it saved the day, but I will not make that mistake again. You never know when you will be stuck somewhere without food.
  • Phone charger & Small cord (if not using a magnetic charger.)
  • Gum (especially if going to a Disney Park- there’s no gum sold anywhere on property nor at the Orlando Airport!)
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Honorable Mentions:
  • Water Bottle. Either disposable or reusable to fill up during the day.
  • My reusable popcorn bucket for Walt Disney World. (Easier when I have a stroller to store it in or we make room in our small backpack.)
  • Our Camera. If we aren’t just using our cell phones.
  • Hat. Keep the sun off your face.
  • A light jacket or long sleeved shirt. It can be chilly. (Not in the middle of summer but the rest of the year.)

What are your must have items in your park/day bag??


We recently purchased this light (ad) to place in the bathroom of our hotel rooms or cruise cabins so it’s easier to make those late night bathroom visits.
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Author: Christy P

Christy is a Mom, Wife, Travel Planner, Attorney, Podcast Enthusiast & Co-Host (DCL Podcast) and a sometimes blogger. She writes about family travel, gluten free travel, and life as a travel addict. Her motto is "work hard to play harder!" Whatever you do, don't forget to Pack Your Pixie Dust.

5 Replies to “Must Have Items in my Park/Day Bag

  1. Thanks for sharing your list! I got string bags for my kids on the last trip which helps “lighten the load” but I still know I overpack a bit. Here’s my park bag packing list:

    Hand sanitizer and wet ones
    Change of clothes (for 7 year old)
    Water bottles
    Zip locks
    Phone cord
    Portable charger
    Autograph book
    Retractable sharpie

  2. Since we visit Disney during the winter, we never bring the fan nor the hat, but an additional jacket and a blanket for the night we attend Fantasmic, because, god the seats are cold!

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