I recently traveled to Las Vegas for a trade show. A city that has 41,126,512 visitors (according to the visitor’s bureau) each year, had VERY limited gluten free options.
It took 40 minutes of running from one restaurant to another to find somewhere to eat that would accommodate a gluten free meal. A whole entire meal, not a snack. Thank you random airport employee for telling me to go check out Sammy’s Pizza & Grill.

Thank god for this restaurant. There was really no other gluten free option in terminal D that I could find. I expected food to just be mediocre and it was phenomenal. The service is great. The atmosphere was great and my salad was awesome! Please Sammy’s continue to provide gluten free options for those traveling with a true medical need! My caesar salad had fresh shaved/sliced Parmesan and excellent made to order fresh chicken. I know I’m gushing but the food was excellent!

Some obnoxious employee at California Pizza Kitchen was convinced that there was cross contamination. (Which all started because at first I went there knowing they have a gluten free menu at the location by my house. And she informed me that there would not be anywhere gluten to eat in the entire airport.) I was concerned that maybe there was cross contamination (because my meal was soooo good) until she gave me the reason- that eggs and beef were cooked in the same spot as the chicken. I’m not looking for a kosher meal, I needed a meal without wheat, and other forms of gluten. I really dislike when people confuse dairy with an inability to eat gluten. They aren’t the same people! Okay, my rant is over. But either way, I had zero reaction to my meal at Sammy’s, and I am very sensitive. Thank God! Getting on a plane after being glutened would be one of the worst things that could happen while flying!

There were some alternatives to a meal of you are looking for something in addition to a tummy salad. Hudson News had cheese sticks and packaged gluten free snacks.

What has been your experience traveling gluten free at the airport in Vegas?

Author: Christy P

Christy is a Mom, Wife, Travel Planner, Attorney, Podcast Enthusiast & Co-Host (DCL Podcast) and a sometimes blogger. She writes about about family travel, gluten free travel, and life as a travel addict. Her motto is "work hard to play harder!" Whatever you do, don't forget to Pack Your Pixie Dust.

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  1. The only gluten free option they have now is edamame. No interest in accomadating. This was after I asked the hostess and she said they had gluten free options. She said yes. She was referring to $7 edamame. Lame.

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