My Magic Bands arrived this past week for my upcoming trip to Disney World with my family.

Disney's Magic Bands

Magic Bands!

Aren’t they beautiful?!?

If you want a Magic Band, you currently have to be staying on Disney property, or be an annual pass holder that stayed on Disney property during the test period. They will eventually roll these out to other guests- DVC owners, Annual Pass holders (not staying on property), general ticket holders, etc.

The Magic Band has an RFID chip at the Mickey head. You use these bands to enter your hotel room, enter the parks (if loaded with your purchased tickets), enter fast pass + rides, and to make purchases at the parks. Prior to your trip, you will want to log in to your Disney account to select a color for every member in your party- the current colors are Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink and Grey.  If you do not customize your Magic Bands you will be given a grey band upon check-in.

I am SO excited about my upcoming trip with my husband and my son. My son will be 5 months old. [We know he won’t ‘remember’ the trip, we are going because we can and to watch him look around and take it all in.] My Fast Pass + selections have been made.  The picture below is a screen shot of my plans for one afternoon.

Fast Pass + selections

Fast Pass + selections

On this particular day shown here- we will be going to the Magic Kingdom in the morning, and then to the Animal Kingdom in the afternoon. It’s great that I can ensure that I will receive the selections that I want without fear that the fast pass will run out, or that I will have to wait in the stand-by line for an hour upon arriving to the park in the afternoon. This is great for those that want to park hop between Disney parks in a single day.  

The park that this is probably the most beneficial is Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I love that I can make a selection for Toy Story Mania in the late afternoon or evening and do not have to worry about rushing into the park as soon as it opens to avoid waiting in line for an hour or two (literally) to ride the ride. The line for Toy Story Mania is currently (on Sunday at 3:45 p.m.) 90 minutes long and the traditional fast passes for the day are gone.

The packaging for Magic Bands is pretty impressive.  They come delivered by UPS and are in a pretty substantial box.


It will definitely be a fun treat when your family receives your magic bands.

Figuring out the strategies for using Fast Pass + and the timing for selecting your Magic Bands can be pretty confusing. Using a Travel Agent that has completed the Disney’s College of Knowledge is a good first step. You also want someone that frequently visits the World to help you strategize. Disney without a strategy will likely cause a family to be frustrated and crabby!  Disney without a plan equals more standing in line, and less fun!

If your family needs a travel agent, my services are available. I can assist with planning your dining reservations and Fast Pass + selections among other things. I also have an extensive Disney guide that I share. To get all of these benefits, you just need to use me to book your next magical vacation. As a reminder, there is no service charge to use my services. See the about section to get ahold of me.

Happy Travels and have a Magical Day!!!!

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