Andy’s Room in Disney’s Oceaneer Club.

The kid’s clubs on Disney Cruise Line are arguably the best at sea. Disney has put more space into their clubs than any other cruise line. It seems like changes are coming every other week from Disney which is why I thought it was important to write on the current state of the kid’s clubs on Disney Cruise Line. This post was last updated June 2022.

The Youth Activity space for kids aged 3-12 is the Oceaneer Club/Lab. This article is focused on the current state of this group. As for the other aged kids, the tweens have the Edge, and the Vibe is for teens. Each is unique in its own way. Except for potentially capacity limits, the Edge & Vibe are operating as they had in the past. The infants and young toddlers have the Small World Nursery which has also just re-opened.

Before your cruise be sure to check the Know Before you Go Section on Disney Cruise Line’s website for the latest policies and procedures for the kid’s clubs.

Are the kid’s clubs back to normal? Mostly

The current state of the kid's clubs on Disney Cruise Line are ever evolving. Andy's Room is now able to be enjoyed by all children attending the Oceaneer's Club on Disney Cruise Line.
Andy’s Room is now able to be enjoyed by all children attending the Oceaneer’s Club on Disney Cruise Line.

There had been some changes to how the clubs ran post re-start.  But for the most part, the clubs are back to running like they were in the past.

During the re-start kids were placed in little groups at the clubs. This is no longer the case. There also was a new policy that separated those aged 3 & 4 (those not yet vaccinated.) As of the beginning of April, that too is no longer the case.  The clubs have returned to the old ways where kids aged 3-12 can be dropped off and picked up at their convenience as long as the club hasn’t hit their occupancy limit.  There have been no reports since the policy has been reinstated that the clubs have hit their occupancy of 200 children.

Once in the kid’s club, your children will be able to prepare crafts, play a video game, have story time (often with characters), play with larger than life toys in Andy’s room, participate in group activities like the Magic Floor, among other things.

What about the kid’s clubs for kids aged 3-4

For those kids aged 3-4 that are not yet vaccinated, the only change as of now is that they are required to wear face masks in the Kid’s Clubs.

Castaway Cay has a kid’s club as well

Definitely don’t forget about the kid’s club on Castaway Cay.  Scuttles Cove is the dedicated space for kid’s at Castaway Cay.  The only real change there as of now is that the kid’s club has shorter hours overall than on the ship, but no registration is required for any aged child, nor is there a limit on how long your child can stay.

Enjoy your kid free time while your kiddos are in the kid’s club!

Once you’ve dropped them off to have a blast in the kid’s club you are then free to enjoy some kid-free time of your own on the ship or on Castaway Cay.

The only real difference from the kid’s clubs of the past and today is that currently Disney Cruise Line is not feeding your kid’s. You will have to pick them up to be fed. We assume this is the next item to change as our children will need to be fed if parents want to use the dedicated child care space while they participate in port adventures.

The one thing that the current state of the kids club on Disney Cruise Line teaches us is that right now it will keep on changing. Do you have any questions that I didn’t answer about the kid’s clubs aboard Disney Cruise Line?


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6 Replies to “The current state of the kid’s clubs on Disney Cruise Line

  1. Thank you for posting this information. I was curious how the kids club would operate under the current COVID restrictions. This helped me understand how it operates and that it is indeed still providing good value. My son absolutely loves the kids club. It’s good to know he can still enjoy it on our upcoming cruises!

  2. This is honestly awful. I wish I had known this before I booked our cruise, and Disney should have done a MUCH better job making this clear. Like in big bold red letters at the top of the booking page. I have no desire to have every minute of every day scheduled, I just want to be able to drop the kids off when needed, which was supposed to be the whole point of a Disney cruise.

  3. Really appreciate this information, it is what I have been looking for ever since they updated the guidance in early March. The Know Before You Go does not make it clear what specific protocols there are for kids who can’t be vaccinated yet. I have a 4 year old so I am a little bummed they will be confined to Andy’s Room, but I’d rather know now and plan for that vs. figure that out at check-in time or after boarding the ship. My cruise is in May so perhaps things will change again by then.

    1. Well… Everything is a changing. You’ll be happy to know that this has changed again. All kiddos will be commingled once again. Face Masks will be required for the 3/4 year olds in kid’s clubs. Have a great cruise!

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