We had the luxury of staying in cabin 12000 on the Disney Fantasy. It has converted us to always wanting to be in a one-bedroom on the Dream class ships (the Disney’s ships named the Fantasy and the Dream.) Honestly, who wouldn’t want that! This room was stunning.

The entry way. There is a full bathroom (not pictured) and 2 closets on the right and one on the left.
Walk in closet with a full length mirror. (This is in the furthest forward closet door to the right in the entry hallway.)
Seating area with a small desk to the far right. (Adjacent to the desk is where the Murphy Bed is located)
The HUGE bathroom. There is a stand alone shower to the left in the picture. (That mirror also has a tv, because you might just need to watch that Disney movie while taking a bath.)
The bedroom. That vanity had more storage. There was a ton of storage in this room.
The verandah/Balcony of cabin 12000 on the Disney Fantasy. It was HUGE, it continued on to the left of the picture.
This is the view forward (down) from the cabin. You see the teen outdoor space. I don’t recall ever hearing them down there.

As far as a mini-review of the cabin. It was a great cabin, and I would stay here again, but I would probably pick one of the bump out cabins on the sides of the ship instead as I prefer a better view of the ocean (I like to look down and have a more immediate view.)

I am super sensitive to noise and from the interior of the cabin I didn’t hear any from above. On the outside people walking around the front of deck 13 would often stop and look down at the balcony and hypothesize as to what they were seeing, quite loudly! (Some things that we heard was the deck space was a part of the gym, and our favorite was that it was the “helm,” as excitedly exclaimed by one passerby-er.)  But otherwise the only real downside is that it is all the way forward, meaning long walks to the cabin, and the view is altered by the teen club below, etc.

This cabin was a wonderful place to spend the week.

Happy Travels! ♥

(Feel free to ask any questions you have about this cabin below in the comments.)

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7 Replies to “Concierge Cabin 12000 on the Disney Fantasy

  1. We’re staying in this cabin on the Dream in July and my sister and family are staying in the Walt Royal Suite – it looks like the cabins/verandahs will connect if we ask Disney! Any fun tips/insight for this room would be appreciated – we have never stayed in Concierge before and we’re really excited for the extra space.

    1. Concierge is so amazing!! Enjoy it! And yes, they will be able to fold back part of the verandah door to connect them. The cabins can connect with the little hallway as well. It’s great. Have a great cruise!

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