The Grand Hall is breathtaking on the Disney Wish. Photo taken by Pack Your Pixie Dust

Allergy & Standard Menus on the Disney Wish

The newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, the Disney Wish, has just begun her inaugural season from Port Canaveral, Florida. With this new ship came three new rotational dining locations, among other things, and the return of the allergy menus on the Disney Wish. This post will show you both the allergy & standard menus on the Disney Wish for all of the rotational restaurants.

The Allergy menus showcase the dishes that can accommodate the most allergies. The allergens currently listed on the Allergy Menu on the Disney Wish are Gluten/Wheat, Egg, Fish/Shellfish, Milk, Peanut/Tree Nut, and Soy. The standard menus list some allergens as well. Items that are naturally prepared gluten free, dairy free or plant based are listed on the Standard menu. There is also a vegetarian option on the standard menu as well.

[This post was last updated in January 2024 with menus from October 2023.]

Pro Tip for Dining with an Allergy on Disney Cruise Lines

Amazing Almond Cake

If you are dining with an allergy be sure to request that your serving team provide you with the standard menu as well as the allergy menu. There are items on the standard menu that can be gluten free, for example, that are not on the Allergy Menu.  This is true for the dessert menu as well! (I’m looking at you Almond Cake from 1923!)

The 1923 Menus on the Disney Wish

1923 is without a doubt the best rotational restaurant on the Disney Wish. The menu is stacked with the best “included” options available on the ship. Make sure you look at both the allergy menu and the regular menu.  The best dessert (the almond cake pictured above) is naturally gluten free and is on the regular menu, not the allergy menu.  Pro Tip: If you can tolerate dairy, regardless of the entrée you choose, order the dauphinoise potato (like a scalloped potato) from the Lamb Chops entrée.  This are the BEST!

[Make sure you read the captain below each picture for a description of the menu]
The Standard Menu at 1923
The Standard Menu at 1923
The Allergy Menu at 1923 (Starters)
The allergy menu at 1923 (Entrees & Desserts)
The standard dessert menu at 1923
The dessert menu continued at 1923
A picture of Burbank Blueberry-Lemon Bavarian Cream
Burbank Blueberry-Lemon Bavarian Cream from 1923

The Burbank Blueberry-Lemon Bavarian Cream from 1923 can be modified to be gluten free. It appears that the Lemon Rocks are what contain gluten and the dish, if ordered gluten free, will be served without those. This dessert is delicious so this is a two dessert dinner, because remember that Almond Cake…

The Arendelle Menus on the Disney Wish

Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure has the absolute best dinner show entertainment on the Wish, or any Disney Cruise ship for that matter. We definitely recommend arriving early so that you have the best chance to get your meal ordering out of the way before the show begins.  It’s just so good you won’t want to miss any of it.

These menus come in as the most adventurous on any Disney ship.

Image of Standard Starter Menu at Arendelle on the Disney Wish
Standard Starter Menu at Arendelle
Standard Entrée Menu at Arendelle
Allergy Starter Menu at Arendelle
Allergy Entrée & Dessert Menu at Arendelle

The Marvel Menus on the Disney Wish

The World of Marvel will excite those Marvel fans in your party. They really owned the theming with this restaurant including providing giant spoons and tiny desserts. Pictured to the left is the bread plate at the World of Marvel on the Disney Wish. #dedicated.

Standard Starter Menu at the World of Marvel
Standard Entrée Menu at the World of Marvel
Updated Worlds of Marvel Menu on the Disney Wish. Updated as of November 2022.
Updated Worlds of Marvel Allergy Starter Menu. Photo contributed by Shannon Ford.
Updated Allergy Entrée and Dessert Menu at Worlds Marvel. Updated as of November 2022.
The Allergy Entrée & Dessert Menu at Worlds Marvel. Photo contributed by Shannon Ford.

Pirate Menu on the Disney Wish

If you are on a 4 night cruise on the Disney Wish, you will have a pirate menu. As of now pirate night will occur on your Nassau night. Your dining rotation will repeat on two nights with Pirate Night not having a show or that restaurant’s regular menu and will instead offer a Pirate Night.

The Pirate Night Starter Menu
The Pirate Night Main Course Menu
The Pirate Night Allergy Starters Menu
Pirate Night Main Course Allergy Menu on the Disney Wish
Pirate Night Allergy Main Course & Dessert Menu
I’m now dreaming of dining on the Disney Wish

The allergy and standard menus on the Disney Wish have definitely changed things up. Disney really went big on the theming and choices with the dining. While the allergy menus on the Disney Wish are extensive, don’t forget to review the standard menus as well to see what other allergy friendly options might exist for you.  What are you the most excited to try?

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14 Replies to “Allergy & Standard Menus on the Disney Wish

    1. You’re very welcome!! I’m glad this is helpful to you. I will try and fill in the last of the dessert menus and the Standard menu for Arendelle when I cruise in Sept.

      1. Thank you so much for this info! Sailing on the Wish with two kids with egg, nut, peanut, seafood and sesame allergies, so this is really reassuring!

  1. We are traveling over the holidays on the Wish. My daughter is Celiac. Thank you so much for posting these menus. We were so worried but there are quite a few options. I have read on other sites that you should talk to the chef the night before you go to the restaurant letting him/her know your allergy and possibly even your choices from the menu. Did you find this necessary?

    1. You won’t talk to the chef on the cruise ship. You will place your special order from either your waiter, if they are well versed, or the head waiter. (The head waiter is manager.) But yes, I always pre-order for dinner. And if I want something unique for lunch or dinner, I will pre-order. You will want to pre-order if you are stopping at Castaway.

    1. Both have options for gluten free diners. Request that they prepare your items in the back from fresh items. You have to eat a bowl at Donald’s Cantina. As of our sailing, they did not have a GF burrito. Most of the items in the bbq are naturally GF. Both locations are delicious & I highly recommend them.

  2. Hi Christy, Do you know if Goofy’s Grill uses the same GF/DF hotdogs and has a dedicated fryer for GF Fries? I looked at the Navigators and looks like the Dining Changes time is listed for Luna so can we still go there to pre-order dinner for that evening?

    1. There is a dedicated fryer for that area. The GF items take longer but it’s there. I am not sure about the first nights special order. I was told on a previous cruise that they won’t do special orders the first day unless critically necessary.

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