We were lucky enough to experience the Christmas Tree Trail and were able to meet Santa at Disney Springs in mid-November! WE LOVED IT! Meeting Santa at Disney Springs was one of the highlights of our trip, in fact, this was actually the first Santa that my son ever willingly met. The Christmas Tree Trail and Santa are located in the Marketplace area (where the original bus stop used to be) next to Earl of Sandwich.

The Process for Meeting Santa at Disney Springs

Disney once again figured out how to make the “meeting Santa” process a little easier and more enjoyable. Disney utilizes a paging/texting service to let you know when it’s your turn to go and meet Santa. You check in at the start of the Christmas tree trail. For those from the U.S. they will offer to text you when it’s your turn to go to the line to actually meet Santa. I also believe they have a pager for others without a U.S. cell phone number. (I did ask if this number is used again, or stored anywhere and she said it was not.) When you check in, the cast member will let you know approximately how long the way will be until you receive the ‘ready for us’ text. In our case we were told it would be a half hour, but she advised us that it actually would be probably closer to 15 minutes. It was exactly 11 minutes.

We used our waiting time to go through the Christmas Tree Trail. The Christmas Tree Trail has more trees than last year at 25.  Each tree features a different Disney character or theme, there’s a Frozen tree, Dumbo, Snow White, Fantasia, etc. We were also able to get pictures by Disney PhotoPass photographers. We had a great guy that spent a lot of time with us.

Our text to send us to Santa said the following, “Ho Ho Ho! Please check in at the Chalet, located at the end of the Tree Trail. Be advised you are returning to a 30-minute physical queue. Please have your entire party.”

Upon arriving at the Chalet, my son had to go to the bathroom. It was a little bit of a hike to get him to the nearest restroom. The cast member was fine with my husband standing in line, and me taking my 4 year old. According to the time-stamp on my personal photos, the total time from the text to return to the chalet and to the time my son was hugging Santa was 22 minutes.

Random Other Information

There is NO CHARGE to meet this Santa . In true Disney fashion, there was, of course, a stand (pop up store) where holiday lights and items were sold, along with popcorn and other treats. There is a Disney PhotoPass photographer at the Santa to capture your meeting, but there was no objection to using your own camera either. They also didn’t rush us and let us do a family picture as well. It was really a great and memorable experience, a highlight of our trip.

Disney Springs Santa!

There’s other holiday fun to be had at Disney Springs this season. Check out the Disney Parks Blog for more information.

Do you plan to check out the Christmas Tree Trail and Meet Santa at Disney Springs this year? You can get your own family picture!

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