Frontier Airlines ReviewHow does a warm chocolate chip cookie sound?  Sounds good to me. I had a rare opportunity to fly west to Colorado for a family trip over the holiday season and flew Frontier Airlines.  What does that have to do with a cookie you ask… A warm chocolate cookie is provided for each guest at no additional charge following the beverage and food service during the flight. [Editor’s note: Frontier is doing away with the yummy cookies. These will no longer be offered once their inventory is depleted.]

Frontier offers all the comforts of home including 24 channels of live DIRECTV® service at every seat on their Airbus Aircraft. They’ve got a little something for every member of your flight crew, from kid stuff to sports, news, comedy, and music. The cost to access all 24 channels is $6.00 but the service is free for Ascent and Summit level members in their EarlyReturns® mileage program. You can also purchase movies for $8.

If you are like me and not interested in watching TV at your seat, or even seeing the screen flash, you can adjust the brightness of the screen on your armrest and completely black it out.

In addition to the warm chocolate chip cookie, Frontier offers Pepsi products and water as part of their inflight service. They also offer cocktails, snacks, salads, etc. for additional fees.

Important note- Frontier does not accept cash for inflight purchases. Major credit or debit cards are accepted for payment for drinks, snacks and the Direct TV.

You can prepay for your Direct TV access, better seating choices, and your first checked luggage fees – this also allows the ticketholder priority boarding.

The flight attendants were also VERY NICE. We flew over what should be some of the busiest days this holiday season, they were all willing to give you refills, etc. Which is another thing, this was not an incredibly long flight, between 2.5 and 3 hours, and we were offered the first round of beverage service, an additional coffee service, and water.  That is incredible.

Overall it was a nice airline to travel.

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[Editor’s note- the warm cookie is not longer provided inflight.]

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